Mortgage advice throughout the South East

We deliver mortgage advice throughout the South East. We believe in really looking after our clients.

A summary of our mortgage services follows:

  1. We protect clients from the corporate sales tactics of banks and estate agency chains.
  2. We provide impartial, expert, external scrutiny of products. We ensure the provision of appropriate and customised protection products. We can identify when clients’ circumstances do not meet the criteria of specific lenders.
  3. We can identify the most likely lender in unusual situations, thus avoiding the need for multiple credit checks.
  4. We choose the best products, from multiple providers, for each aspect of clients’ mortgage and protection needs, thus increasing their ability to afford their commitments, even when things go wrong.
  5. We do the data input for clients, thus minimising errors, omissions and non-disclosure.
  6. We take responsibility for the advice provided, which increases consumer protection.
  7. We collate, verify and provide documentation for the lender to minimise delays in processing, speeding up the process for the client. We use our experience to resolve problems during the process.
  8. We act as advocate for clients during the application process. We explain the mortgage offer and assist in fulfilling offer conditions. We liaise with other parties in the transaction and ensure that clients are kept up to date with progress and developments.
  9. We use our knowledge to predict problems and resolve them in advance.

Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up the repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.

Our standard fee for arranging and processing a mortgage is £495. We would also receive a procuration fee from the lender. We can also operate on a fee only basis – the size of the fee would be agreed in advance and would be determined by the time and complexity involved in processing your transaction.

Simon Webster hosted a radio special on strategies for first-time buyers. Click here to have a listen!

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