Lifetime Financial Planning

Many people have goals and dreams but a goal without plan is just a wish… An achievable goal is a dream with a deadline…

Lifetime financial planning is the way we can help you to realise your ambitions, goals and dreams-however large or small they may be.

Careful planning will help turn your pipe dreams into reality and the sooner you start your lifestyle financial planning programme, the greater your chance of realising your goals. There are so many issues to consider when planning one’s financial future such as

  • Starting work
  •  Moving House
  • Getting Married
  • Starting your own business
  • Changing your job
  • Retirement
  • Needing Long Term Care 
  • Selling your business 
  • Dream Holiday 
  • Unexpected Windfall 
  • Illness
  • Death  

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What Is the Lifestyle Financial Planning Process?

Stage I-about you-which will gather your information so that we can draw up a complete picture where you are now, and where you want to be. This is your Blueprint

stage IIyour goals and ambitions-we discuss your objectives, aspirations and specific for anticipated milestones you want to plan for as well as any concerns that may arise. These are Your Objectives.

Stage III-analysis –we will create an analysis of your current position and outline our initial thoughts with you. We consider all your existing provisions, you’re expected current and future income and expenditure and then present you with a specific lifetime cash flow analysis. We even test the provisions against various ‘what if?’ Scenarios to look for shortfalls in the strategy. This is your lifetime Cash flow.

Stage IV-how to get there – we help map out the journey to your destination marking the key goals and events and most importantly establishing a cost and time efficient route to get you there. This is your Financial Plan

Stage V-Implementation – once you are happy to proceed, it is time to implement the steps in the plan. Each course of action we have recommended and agreed with you, can now be put into motion.

Stage VI-Review and Update- circumstances and objectives change. It is essential to review and monitor the plan regularly to check the progress towards achieving your goals-we recommend this should be at least annually so that you keep your Financial Plan on track

For more information, please email me on, or call me on 01233 722999 or 02085810088 [direct]

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