Over 100,000 people are affected by divorce each year in the UK and Wales.

This can be a very worrying time-it’s natural to be concerned about your finances, your home and your children. There is no set formula for the agreement of the financial settlement and so productive negotiations are essential. I can help you to reduce the stress by taking care of the financial side of things.

We need to consider variables such as your age, potential incomes and earning capacities, assets and liabilities and most importantly, how to look after the children. I can support you [and your lawyers] with the creation of financial models which forecast how much money you really need, to keep your standard of living, in each phase of your new life. For instance, while any children are living with one parent, going to school/university, while you continue to work, when you get to retirement etc. Having this information will help you achieve a more comfortable future.

You want to minimise the impact of divorce on your long-term wealth and security. Pensions are likely to be your largest asset/s, apart from the home. I am able and qualified to give advice on all types of pensions and the effects and options at divorce so that you can achieve the best outcome possible for yourself.

Of course, any financial settlement also needs to be considered with your objectives in mind. This could mean buying a new home or creating more income.

We would then continue to work together so that you can make the most of your new life with the reassurance that your finances are under control.

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