Unbiased Investment Advice Kent

Our Kent based unbiased investment advice provides the security of defined processes to deliver the consistent returns discerning clients expect. The Talis process is equally effective for private clients, businesses and trustees. It works with pensions, ISAs, unit trusts, investment trusts, on shore bonds and offshore bonds…

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Talis unbiased investment advice process has 10 steps:

  1. Assess client objectives (i.e. income/ capital growth, tax/ retirement planning, etc).
  2. Assess client time frame for each objective.
  3. Assess client current and future tax position, looking at liability for income, capital gains and inheritance tax.
  4. Assess client attitude to risk and reward.
  5. Select suitable investment vehicle: unit trust, bonds, pension, ISA, etc.
  6. Agree client-specific risk profile.
  7. Select underlying portfolio.
  8. Select most appropriate WRAP platform and effect investments.
  9. Review fund performance and short term (tactical) asset allocation monthly.
  10. Report to client quarterly, six-monthly or annually with recommendations.

We are Kent based unbiased investment advice experts based in Ashford, Maidstone, Canterbury and London NW1.

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