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Retirement has become a process rather than an event. We all used to imagine the date of our retirement perhaps our 65th birthday…but now retirement often marks the start of a journey as we perhaps work only 3 days a week or take on some other form of paid work. But what is yours going to look like and how will you fund it?

Expert independent financial helps plan, manage and secure that process. Call the team on 01233 722999 for further information.

Pension not enough?

Talis offers a number of different services to meet the needs of our clients:

  • A simple assessment of likely future entitlement
  • Mortgage planning: will it be paid off in time Mortgages
  • Pension Performance Review which assesses the value of current plans
  • Comprehensive financial planning which includes a lifetime, inflation-adjusted cashflow to help clients assess their financial security at all stages of life.
  • Wealth Management from making best use of savings to comprehensive portfolio management and advice, through to Inheritance Tax IHT Advice

It does not matter how little or how much; on retirement you will need income. This may come from a number of different sources:

  • State pension benefits.
  • The proceeds of any pension that you or your employer may have contributed to during you working life.
  • Savings and
  • You could also consider Equity Release.

To make the most of that income and to protect what you have built, expert advice is essential, so do please Contact Us


Given the state of the public purse and the recently floated notion that state pension may not kick in before age 70, planning for a comfortable retirement is absolutely essential and you are never too late to start.

Our pre retirement advice is to invest as much in a properly arranged pension as you can reasonably afford and that you review your contribution levels regularly.

To find out more about planning for a secure retirement and the different types of pension available Contact Us or follow the link to our Pensions section.

Equity Release

If you want to top up your pension income in or pre retirement and you own your own home it is possible to borrow against its value to provide additional income or capital in retirement  – without any need to make repayments. The interest is added to the debt and is paid off when you die. Huge advances have been made in equity release mortgage regulation and reputable arrangements are now covered by the Safe Home Income Plan (SHIP) Guarantee.

Click Equity Release to find out more about equity release or Contact Us now for further information.

We are equity release experts based in Ashford, also serving Maidstone and Canterbury in Kent.

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