Pension cash - the new way to get hold of your pension

You have always been able to take 25% of your pension as pension cash – tax free cash without having to draw an income. Which is these days referred to as a pension commencement lump sum. You just had to wait until you are age 55 to get it – (unless your are retiring on ill health grounds or are in a prescribed occupation such as professional sports acceptable to the revenue!) But you often had to buy an annuity with the rest.

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With effect from April 2015 you will be able to take 100% of your pension as cash day one. 25% will be tax free 75% will be taxable as income at your marginal rate. If you spread taking your pension over a few years you could get most or all of it out 25% tax free and 75% net of basic rate tax

If you need cash NOW then your pension may just be the place to get it from.

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