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Kent pensions advice is readily available from our highly experienced team and is essential if you want to make the most of your pension in retirement. If you already have a  plan check out Talis’ Pension Performance Review Service. If you don’t already have a pension read on…and make some smarter financial moves…

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“The UK government is broke – there has never been a more important time for all of us to safeguard our own futures…” Simon Webster

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Investment in pension is the most tax efficient form of savings generally available to UK taxpayers. Pensions benefit from:

  • Top slicing income tax relief on pension contributions. i.e. relief at the highest rate paid
  • Largely tax free growth in fund
  • 25% of the fund may be taken as tax free cash on retirement

The remaining 75% of the fund must be drawn as income for now but under the new “pension freedoms” that need not necessarily be the case…

Just compare the benefits of pension tax relief with say ISA’s after just one year. The effect is compounded over the longer term. Take independent financial advice.

ISAPension 20% Tax ReliefPension 40% Tax Relief
Tax relief added250.00666.66
Total investment1,000.001,250.001,666.66
5% Growth50.0062.5083.33
End of year one1,050.001,312.50 1,749.99

Simon Webster hosted a radio show on this topic. Check it out here:


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