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Long term care advice

Advice on long term care fees is essential with annual care fees costing between £25,000 – £43,472 a year, depending where you live (Saga’s first annual Cost of Care Report 2008/2009). It really pays to get clear, concise and independent long term care fees advice, so you can make your decision on the best way to fund long term care home fees.
Our advisers offer clear and concise long term care advice, and will:

  • Check to ensure there is no entitlement to free NHS Continuing care.
  • Check all State Benefits you are entitled to have been claimed.
  • Calculate what the shortfall in care fees will be.
  • Obtain independent quotes from all the long term care annuity providers.
  • Provide you with a detailed personal report outlining the best funding options.

There are advanced strategies that can be adopted to protect your assets. We can also assist with raising money to fund care costs.

Contact Us to find out more about long term care costs advice – we cover the whole of Kent and in particular Ashford, Maidstone & Canterbury.

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