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Life insurance advice:  we always quote and deliver at the best price from the whole market. Take advice from the life insurance experts and remember you should nearly always use a trust – ask us why!

Transfer the financial risk of untimely death from family or colleauges to an insurance company.

It is surprisingly inexpensive….Call Simon or Pam on 01233 722999 for further information.

Life insurance (assurance) advice is essential especially if you are:

Just because you have a policy doesn’t mean that you have enough. Recent surveys suggest that the average person carries about 2 x their salary in life insurance. Assuming your beneficiaries spend at a similar rate, that might last say three years if you die. What happens then?

A professional review of your existing life cover might save your family a double tragedy:

  • Do you have enough?
  • Are you paying the right amount for any cover  that you do have?
  • Vitally – are your existing single life insurance plans in trust?

Talis are life insurance experts. Contact Us now for further information.

Traditional Life Assurance involves an element of investment  – the most obvious example would be a whole of life or endowment plan. For pure protection life insurance is the appropriate expression and term insurance & mortgage protection are the most obvious examples.

“If I had my way, I would write the word insurance over the door of every house, because I’m convinced, for sacrifices that are inconceivably small, families can be secured against catastrophes which otherwise would smash them up forever.”

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England

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