Investing in Stormy Times

Falling oil prices and fears about China have recently had many people thinking on the Global Financial Market. In spite of things having settled over recent years, some fear we are on the brink of another global recession.

In a world where China (a country which many consider an emerging superpower) is apparently facing a very significant reduction in economic growth, investing your personal finances can be a daunting prospect.

However, it is worth remembering though that looking for real return without risk is like trying to open a door using The Force. An appealing but unfortunately fruitless task.

On MoneyTalk this Friday Simon will be discussing how you can invest during the tough economic times, as well as looking at some of potential causes of this struggling economy.

As well as China’s economy, some of the subjects to be included will be…

  • The cost of oil
  • The crisis in the Middle East
  • Interest Rates that are at an all-time low
  • Fluctuating World Stock Markets

Listen in from 12pm on Friday the 29th of January.

If you have any questions any questions on this subject (or any other matter financial) please tweet or Facebook the show, or write in using our Contact Form.



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