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In 2012 the government introduced Auto Enrolment and the three years following every employer will be compelled to contribute 3% of  appropriate earnings to every employee’s pension. The only exceptions will be if the employee individually chooses to opt out or if the employer has already provided something better…

The recession has exhausted the public purse and there is already talk of a state pension age of 70. Given the state of the public purse their biggest single issue is to educate staff to understand the critical importance of putting money aside to fund lifestyle after they stop work.

Our experience, clearly demonstrates that employees require personal, independent financial advice. Talis has been advising employers on providing for their staff for over 25 years. Our aim is to foster proper understanding of the issues through clear communication at all stages of the process. There are six elements to our service:

  1. Implementation
  2. Employer Advice
    • Advise employer on budget and options
    • Advise employer on most appropriate type of pension
    • Advise employer on implementation
  3. Employee Advice
    • General advice on planning for retirement
    • Detailed advice on specific arrangement
      Advice on contribution levels
    • Advice on investment strategy (see below)
  4. Maintenance
    • Liaison with employer on collection and remittance of contributions
    • Advising joiners and leavers
  5. Annual Reporting
    Review fund performance for all scheme members
  6. Investment Strategy
    The biggest challenge for anyone with a pension is how best to invest funds to achieve optimum performance for the long haul. Talis has designed asset allocation models to provide a logical balance between risk & reward for each of 5 models. We recognise Cash government bonds, corporate bonds, property, and equity in UK, US, Eu. Talis’ researchers then pick the best funds in each category and organise them into portfolios. As part of our general employee advice we help members to assess where they fit on the risk & reward spectrum.

    1. Conservative
    2. Moderate Conservative
    3. Moderate
    4. Moderate Aggressive
    5. Aggressive

We then help clients place their funds in these portfolios and report on them annually.

This is the level of service that sets Talis apart. For expert advice on group pensions, group life and all aspects of flexible employee benefits. Contact Us for further information.

We are based in Ashford Maidstone & Canterbury in Kent and serve employers nationally.

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