Enhanced Annuity

Enhanced Annuity

No one ever wants to think that they may have an “impaired life”, but if you have high blood pressure, if you smoke or if you have a condition which may impact on your life expectancy (even only slightly) we may be able to get you a higher than normal, enhanced annuity and that little bit extra might make all the difference.

According to Partnership one the major players in this market these are the sort of conditions that may improve your income for life…

Most common
conditions in order

Annual income

20-year income


 High blood pressure  £5,709  £114,182  +£6,185
 Obesity  £5,667  £113,340  +£5,342
 Diabetes  £6,038  £120,754  +£12,756
 High cholesterol  £5,899  £117,986  +£9,989
 Chronic respiratory disease  £5,959  £119,186  +£11,189
 Smoking  £6,448  £128,952  +£20,954
 Angina  £5,990  £119,794  +£11,796
 Heart attack  £6,350  £126,994  +£18,996
 Prostate cancer  £5,945  £118,894  +£10,896
 Atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm)  £5,802  £116,038  +£8,040
 Average Healthy person  £5,400  £107,998  n/a

Source: Partnership 15/07/2015

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A number of the leading firms in this market have initiated a project to produce a common quotation form. The insurers listed all offer enhanced rates, based on the same set of questions, which will save you a lot of time. However this form is regularly updated so below is a link to the project website which always holds the latest version. Follow the link below, download the form, complete it, then post, email or fax it to us and we will do the rest – in strict confidence. And we will then see if we can get you qualified for an enhanced annuity for life.

Common quotation form

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