Darren Collins - Independent Financial Adviser

Darren is an award winning financial teacher/adviser who recently gained much media acclaim for the financial message and services that he provides. A qualified Independent Financial Adviser and Mortgage Adviser, and was awarded the ‘Interactive Investor’ 2020 Financial Teacher of the Year Award. Taking great pride in being able to share his expertise for the betterment of other people. He does this by building frameworks that greater ensures long-term financial independence, freedom and security for all.

Offering a range of different Financial Services for all types of people at different stages of their life, my overriding goal is to ensure all clients and their family’s lay the foundations for long-term financial independence, freedom and security. Someone who has spent years being trusted by parents to educate their child recognises responsibility, and as a result more than understands the importance of managing client financial affairs with utmost integrity.

Absorbed by the potential opportunities expert Financial Planning can offer clients, I am someone who has, and will forever be a student of Financial Services. Continually researching the emergence of technology, and how such developments can and will benefit our future world. Therefore as an Independent Financial Adviser and Mortgage Adviser, I have more than a vested interest in ensuring that I am up to date for the benefit of my clients and their long-term financial independence, freedom and security.

Please find underneath an outline of the financial services that I can offer you…

  1. Mortgages
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Wealth Management & Investment Advice
  4. Pre and Post retirement planning
  5. Employee benefits
  6. Equity Release
  7. IHT mitigation
  8. Life, critical illness & health insurance
  9. Long Term Care

Our initial meeting is free of charge, without commitment, allowing me to understand exactly what it is you are looking for, and how I can help you. It also gives you time to ask any questions regarding process etc.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to call me either on 01233 722999 or 07881 952 051. Alternatively, you can email me at dc@talisifa.com


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