Christian Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) Kent

Several of our  team are “Christian financial advisers” but we are not entirely comfortable advertising the businesses as a Christian organisation – not all colleagues share the faith. In truth we tend to regard ourselves as financial advisers who happen to be Christian rather than us being on some sort of mission. But the Christian essentials of integrity and putting client interests first guide our business decisions and our advice to clients.

If you need advice on setting up a pension, a mortgage or an investment portfolio (& assuming reasonable levels of qualifications and experience) both a Christian and a non Christian IFA should in theory give you pretty much the same sort of answers.

Were you to ask what does the Bible say about how I should manage my finances? or how do I construct a financial plan for my family on Godly principles? The Christian IFAs at Talis can really help.


Talis are Independent Financial Advisers accredited by SIFA.

If you want sound, professional financial advice in the world’s eyes set against a Biblical backdrop, from experienced advisers who trust God in everything Contact Us for further information.

Click here to download the Association of Christian Financial Advisers’ Biblical Financial Planning Principles – essential reading for Christians serious about putting God in charge of their finances.

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