New Year Planning

This week Money Talk explores the ways in which you can plan your finances to kick start the new year with an organised and effective financial plan. Whether this be through budget planning or eliminating unnecessary costs, there are many ways to save money regularly – we will go through the various avenues you can […]

The Seasonal News

Firstly, Happy New Year from the team at Money Talk! We hope you had a relaxing Christmas break ready for this new year. This week Money Talk has a look at the seasonal news. From the raging bushfires in Australia covering 6.3 million hectares of land and killing more than 500 million animals to the […]

2019 Election Results Show

2019 Election Results Show – there could only ever be one subject for Money Talk this Friday and by the time we go live we should know the winners & losers and be able to predict what the next few months and indeed next few years might look like. We’ll talk about market reactions and […]

Fair Shares: Morality and Tax

How much tax should people pay? What is fair and what isn’t? Plus a section on how the young are shopping – the answer is not what you’d expect. Tune in to Money Talk at 1pm this Friday. #MTRadioUK

Labour’s Tax Plans

Labour pledges that no one earning less than £80,000 will pay more tax but those who run their own businesses, those with savings and those with buy to lets will ALL pay more tax under Labour – A LOT MORE TAX! It seems small business owners are to be Labour’s magic money tree… This Friday […]

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