Boris : Dude or Disaster

Boris has been branded all show and no substance. Will he surprise us or confirm his critics’ fears? What next for the UK? Simon Webster discusses this on Money Talk this Friday at 13.00! #MTRadioUK For more information surrounding Politics and Brexit, visit the links below: Carrying on post-Brexit PR & Politics Consequences of […]

Credit Cards

Paying with Plastic and Making it Work for You Overheard this week: “There are huge advantages to paying with plastic, but advisers only talk about debt!” How do the experts game the system to make money from the use of their credit cards? Tune in to Money Talk with Simon Webster on Friday at 13.00 […]

Financial Planning for Parents

It now costs £75,436 for a couple to raise a child to age 18. Due to the high costs of childcare, doing it on your own costs more, £102,627. These figures come from the child poverty action group so you be sure they have been pared to the bone and for many the cost to […]

Pension Death Benefits

On death, the full value of an individual’s estate is assessed for Inheritance tax and is charged at 40% on everything in excess of the nil rate band – currently at £325,000. But note pension death benefits can sit outside of an individual’s estate and these days it is possible to pass that money to […]

Debt – When to get into it and how to get out of it

Debt is probably the biggest single stressor in modern life. We are all bombarded with powerful messages urging us to buy the latest and best – after all it’s only a few quid a month and you’re worth it. But those “few quids” soon add up and there lies the road to ruin. On the […]

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