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You work – you make money, it keeps your business going and feeds your family. But what happens if you are taken ill or if you die? Who keeps your business going then? Who feeds and houses your family? Business protection advice is that insurance is essential cover and makes sure the right money is the right hands at the right time.

Director Share Purchase Insurance gives surviving director shareholders the funds to buy out a sick or deceased director shareholder.

Partnership Assurance Helps partners in the same position.

Keyman Insurance puts money into the company in the event of the death or illness of a key player.

Relevant Life insurance allows businesses to directly pay the premiums on life insurance plans for senior staff and to receive full tax relief in the process. If senior employees pay for their own life insurance premiums switching to relevant life is an easy win at the expense of the tax man. It is a great means of tax efficient profit extraction.

All these need to be backed up with written agreements which the vast majority of UK businesses simply do not have. Talis is a business protection expert.

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Business protection advice Kent | Kent business protection advice

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