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Making Business Work

Last week Simon looked at some of the issues confronting business start ups. This week he will consider how you take your business to the next level, what business structure you should use and why. Money Talk’s lead presenter Simon Webster has been advising businesses and business owners for 40 years; tune in to Money […]

Business Start Ups and Development

There is much conflicting advice on how to set up and develop a business – what is right for you? Simon Webster has been advising business owners for over 40 years – tune into Money Talk on Friday at 13.00 to find out more! #MTRadioUK www.channelradio.co.uk/2

Are Low Interest Rates Costing You Money?

Your mortgage may already feel cheap but too many are missing out on potentially huge savings. Current low interest rates mean monthly mortgage payments are as low as they have ever been in absolute terms but many are still paying over the odds in relative terms because a low rate of say 3.5 or 4% […]

Mobile Phone Coverage

Hello…hello…sorry I can’t hear you… The UK has some of the worst mobile phone coverage in the developed world – 66% coverage by landmass. Finally something is happening to address the problem as the four main suppliers come together to share towers and fill in black spots, meaning that by 2025, 95% of the UK […]

Investment Success

The calamitous fall from grace of once elite fund manager Neil Woodford reminds us all of the old adage: “investments may fall in value as well as rise…” But if a superstar fund manager can get it so wrong what hope for the rest of us? On Money Talk this week veteran financial adviser Simon […]

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