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Approaching Retirement

10% of historic state pension forecasts were wrong! So, what should you do? The new state pension for someone with a full National Insurance history is £168.50 per week or £8,762. If both partners in a couple qualify that’s a joint indexed tax free income of £17,524 per annum. If you are lucky enough to […]

‘Equitable Life downfall’ and Nationwide-‘a nation of procrastinators’

Household name Equitable Life got itself into serious trouble in 2000 in promising unsustainable annuity rates to policyholders. For several years policyholders have battled to get their money back and/or compensation and now there is a proposal that the company be closed and the money divided up. What can we learn from this? What should […]

Property ownership – First time buyers

Landlords ask “is it worth the hassle?” Those in need of accommodation ask and rent or buy? For much of the last century the saying was, “an Englishman’s home is his castle”. But property ownership now appears out of reach for the young. How can the under thirties get on the housing ladder? What are […]

Boris : Dude or Disaster

Boris has been branded all show and no substance. Will he surprise us or confirm his critics’ fears? What next for the UK? Simon Webster discusses this on Money Talk this Friday at 13.00! #MTRadioUK www.channelradio.co.uk/2 For more information surrounding Politics and Brexit, visit the links below: Carrying on post-Brexit PR & Politics Consequences of […]

Credit Cards

Paying with Plastic and Making it Work for You Overheard this week: “There are huge advantages to paying with plastic, but advisers only talk about debt!” How do the experts game the system to make money from the use of their credit cards? Tune in to Money Talk with Simon Webster on Friday at 13.00 […]

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